Don’t write down what hair color you want. Write about the quality of girl you want – write about the personality traits you enjoy in women. And don’t be afraid to mention that these are “must-have” traits.

If you’re into some nerdy hobbies or some goofy activities, include them. Women are looking to enter the world you have built for yourself, not the world you pretend to live in.

L.H. — I honestly do try to just stimulate discussion and do welcome all points of view on any given issue. The only thing I’m sure of in this world is that I’m not sure of anything. Change is the only constant. So listening to other viewpoints is critical to anyone’s own personal growth and for growth within our society and culture. Unfortunately since I do lean liberal, many staunch conservatives write me off as unbending or take offense to my points of view. Not everyone is open-minded in this world. All I can do is throw my hat in the ring, give my two cents, and see what happens. But the goal is always to shed light on issues I find worthy of exploration.

sex is far from boring, but it can promote a good night’s sleep. A good romp in the hay, will wear you out, leaving you more than ready for a good night’s sleep. Come on, who doesn’t need or want another reason to have sex?

Many people think a great way to unwind is to exercise. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Exercising will not promote a good night’s sleep, in fact, it does just the opposite. Your body actually becomes energized after exercising. You don’t want your heart pounding and your blood flowing, you want to be ready for rest.

#2. Be good to your spouse, I am a foster parent and my wife is a social worker. 99% of the time the father not living up to there side of the relationship either beating there wife leaving her cheating on her or what have you. This is not to say that it’s only the men who doesn’t live up to there side of the deal but statistics don’t lie, and when this happens the children are left thinking this is par for the course and as a result the children odds are higher that they will have terrible marriages in there adult life; after all that’s what mom and dad did, it must be what everybody does.

J.W. — I notice advertisements on your Youtube videos. Are you able to use certain proceeds from this advertising in order to support your work? How do you receive most of your financial backing?


The science of Yoga is an ancient science that has been practiced in India since time immemorial.The Vedas allude to this and many men even after decades of study have not been able to unravel the mysteries of this system.