The greatest chance of winning your ex girl back is for you two to experience one another differently. When you repeat the same behaviors and cycles of behaviors as before, you are just confirming that nothing will change. She’ll feel like the relationship will always be the way it was. It will confirm her decision to leave.

You may be thinking, comfort and convenience – wtf? What do they have to do with seduction? I think they are vital. The only tension you want a woman to feel on a date is sexual. If you take away the distractions, you are half way there.

You may wonder exactly what this is all about. Surely if you’re doing everything possible for him, that’s all the more reason for him to make a commitment to you. Isn’t it? You can’t figure out why he won’t commit.

L.H. — I got my sense of sarcasm from my dad and miss him every day. When the Stand Up for Cancer event happened, I thought I’d want to participate and join the fight against it. But then I realized it’s too early for me to talk that much about cancer and be involved with it. I just don’t even want to think cancer or dwell on it in any way, positive or negative, because it was an awful experience. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Schedule a convenient time, at least once a week, to spend the whole day with your child. You may not know this but our children do enjoy hanging out with us once in a while, especially when we treat them with respect and love. We do this by showing interest in their interests even if it seems wild or frivolous to us. We ought to try and be more understanding of their needs.


L.H. — There’s no doubt being a chick has helped me in my on-screen career. I don’t rely on my looks for anything, and I certainly don’t pre-plan content or outfits around trying to look or sound hotter for more views. We all have positive assets and drawbacks; if you are a decent-looking chick, you’re more suited to an on-screen career than someone who is less fortunate in the looks department. The bottom line is I believe in using any and all my strengths, but I don’t think I ever rely on my looks to get me by.

A true player shall never sleep around. Every book or article you read that has been written by a real player will never tell you to cheat on the woman that you have. But rather it teaches you how please a woman and, when you do, she will tell all her friends just how good you are and when the “relationship” ends, you can sleep with the others. Think about it, you’ve worked hard for your reputation, you’ve managed to sexually satisfy a number of women and they’ve talked about it, making you the guy that can do it. You’ve never cheated on any of them but yet moved on – when the “relationship” (fling) ended. Is there anything wrong with this? No.

There are many reasons that a woman would not want to have sex, but one huge reason is not being happy with the relationship. No woman wants to have sex with a guy they are pissed off at or annoyed with or don’t feel close with. A loving connection of some sort has to be there in order for her to want sex. Fire up that connection before it’s too late.

The proper correction a child receives must be consciously taught starting when they are very young, and this means we need to take our role as parents more seriously. We are to be the good example for our children to follow. We wouldn’t want to give our responsibility to someone else, would we? Just as God trains and corrects us to make us better people, so too, must we as parents discipline our children to give them the wisdom and common sense to know from right and wrong. We are in control of our children’s destiny. Let’s show by example.